Positioning You for Success

The road to opening a new store is a long commitment that requires years of planning, capital expenditures, and energy to see it through to completion. A successful site launch is an exciting accomplishment for everyone involved, and that’s why the ESA team is thrilled every time we see our clients open their doors for business. Imagine how you will feel when you finally cross the finish line, and your store is up and running. We will be right there with you, equally satisfied knowing we did our part to help your business grow and launch a new chapter in its story.

The ESA Difference

Ed Smith & Associates is a top consulting firm established in 1996 specializing in location research, sales forecasting, and strategic planning for the retail and real estate industry.  After 25 years in business, our firm demonstrates professional excellence in every project.

We have brought our expertise to over 100 clients, evaluating retail sites and related issues.  We hope to share our insight and ability with you when you need thorough and accurate projections.

We’re here to help your business grow

When it is time to broaden your retail locations, do so with confidence by partnering with Ed Smith & Associates. You will feel reassured as your project gets underway, knowing that thorough site planning and research is being conducted. The ESA team will evaluate your overall business goals and suggest potential markets where you will thrive. If you are ready to move forward and take the next step in building your retail business, then give us a call at 937-550-9780.