Generating accurate projections is a key factor in the success of your new site. Without a detailed overview of the potential market, you could be setting your store up for under-achieving performance. Our ability to analyze and interpret forecasting data gives you expert guidance as you venture into new markets.

ESA uses state of the art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and state-of-the-art Sales Forecasting Models as the foundation for building a complete forecast of your store’s new location. We are able to accommodate everything from single-site forecasts to major metropolitan area market studies. These tools give us the ability to determine the best possible opportunities for your business.

To ensure the location under consideration is a good fit for your new store, our analysts compile situational and market area factors to develop an accurate assessment of the site. From this assessment, we are able to evaluate the potential within your defined trade area and make appropriate suggestions.

Let’s have a conversation about your business goals and what areas you are interested in targeting for expansion.


Dr. Corbin Rowe

Ed is a true professional and I enjoyed working with him in site selection for Kroger. Market after market, Ed and his team provide Kroger with outstanding sales estimates as we charted the strategy. Even when locations were redone and shifted or picked apart, Ed showed his knowledge of his work and attention to detail to ensure the highest standards.

Fenton Childers

As Real Estate Manager for Kroger’s Mid-Atlantic Division, I worked with Ed Smith and Associates for over 20 years. Ed and his team provided excellent service in generating single site analysis and market analysis for Kroger sites and markets. Ed and his team are very experienced and provided extremely accurate sales projects on many projects. I have worked side by side with Ed in finetuning projects and working on alternative scenarios in each model. I can confidently recommend Ed Smith and Associates.