Planning & Forecasting

Planning your new retail location can be challenging as more consumers move to online shopping. This puts enormous pressure on you when it comes to selecting the best site to launch your new store.

You cannot afford to make mistakes in the planning stages of your expansion. With an industry average timeline of three to four years from site evaluation to the store’s launch, there is no room for error.

Partnering with ESA gives you peace of mind when developing a strategic plan for your new store opening. We have the expertise, and we use the industry’s best forecasting software to make accurate projections that translate into real-world results.

Your business goals are the driving factor in how we determine the best site for your new store. Part of our planning includes answering the following questions to ensure we are positioning you in the best possible location.

Answers to Key Questions

  • What trade areas do your facilities or shopping centers serve?
  • What new potential markets identify with your business objectives?
  • What are the geographic, demographic, and competitive characteristics of these trade areas?
  • What market niche do you serve?
  • Who are your best customers?
  • What is the market potential of a new location?
  • Among alternative locations, which one is the best?
  • How should your existing locations be marketed?
  • How can over or underperforming units be identified?